Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Fantasy Terrible Television Draft Analysis Part II

Last week I began the list of criteria that can be considered in drafting for our Fantasy Terrible Television League. I'll pick up where I left off at number six.

6. Returning Series with Declining Ratings

As discussed under the earlier measure of longevity, a returning series has an advantage of a returning audience. This was accounted for in scoring by awarding 8 points per previous season if it gets pulled off the air.

This scoring adds new valuation to sluggish shows who somehow managed to return to air for at least one more season. Participants responded by picking many of the shows that were speculated for cancellation from last season.

Bad Quarterback League Equivalent: Blaine Gabbert (JAX)

2013 FTT Strong Picks: 

Grimm (NBC), Community (NBC), The Carrie Diaries (CW)

2013 FTT Weak Picks: 

Any Returning Hit Show

7. Target Audience

Sometimes it can't be explained but shows can debut with a audience in waiting. Often premiering on a certain network can be responsible for this occurrence. Airing a thin plot underneath on a pop culture trend such as vampires or werewolves can certainly help your chances.

Where this creates a problem is drafting a series that looks awful but inexplicably has an adoring fan base by relation. I'm looking at you, Betrayal, targeting a Desperate Housewives fan base rabid for the next thing to watch. Only time will tell.

Bad Quarterback League Equivalent: Tim Tebow (FA)

2013 FTT Strong Picks: 

Killer Women (ABC)

2013 FTT Weak Picks: 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC), The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)

8. Powerful Time Slot

This measure is more of a deterrent that guide to selecting an awful show destined for cancellation, but it can be important to account for the debut time slot.

The Millers (CBS) could probably have gone in the second round from talent and scouting reports alone but I passed until the fifth round out of concern of scheduling between The Big Bang Theory and Two and A Half Men. The new series Mom (CBS) finishes off a prime time Monday evening which is lead by the final season of How I Met Your Mother and immediately preceded by 2 Broke Girls. A truly weak show will shine through no matter how strong a lineup it is in.

Bad Quarterback League Equivalent: Matthew Stafford (DET)

2013 FTT Strong Picks: 

 Most Friday Night Premieres

2013 FTT Weak Picks: 

The Millers (CBS), Mom (CBS), The Crazy Ones (CBS), Rake (FOX)

9. Limited Plot

Television used to be in a simpler time where a series could start with a premise that ordinarily could be resolved in one season until the writers managed to stretch the premise. Need to break out of prison? That needs four seasons. Did your plane crash on a mysterious island? Lets give this six seasons. Did everyone on earth lose consciousness for a couple minutes? I wonder what we'll write about next season.

I've watched more than a week of Jack Bauer's life in real time. Did the planet lose power? The light bulb came right back on for season two. Many of these have been enjoyable shows but eventually an idea can run its course and a limited plot is conducive to an early ending.

Bad Quarterback League Equivalent: Blaine Gabbert (JAX)

2013 FTT Strong Picks: 

Revolution (NBC), Hostages (CBS)

2013 FTT Weak Picks: 

Crime Solving Dramas, Law Dramas, Sitcoms

10. Spin-offs

Remember when Friends ended and Joey kept going? Spin-offs play on the success of the mother-ship without the nuances that make them great.

There is a reason NBC passed on a spin-off of The Office based on Dwight's Shrute Farm. If ratings have declined on the original series, success of a spinoff is severely limited.

Bad Quarterback League Equivalent: Matt Leinart (FA)

2013 FTT Strong Picks: 

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (ABC)

2013 FTT Weak Picks: 


My 2013 Fantasy Terrible Television Dream Team:

The Goldbergs (ABC)
Dads (FOX)
Super Fun Night (ABC)
Sean Saves The World (NBC)
The Trophy Wife (ABC)
The Millers (CBS)
Back In The Game (ABC)
The Carrie Diaries (CW)
About A Boy (NBC)
Grimm (NBC)

My Practice Squad (Mid-Season Replacements)

Mind Games (ABC)
Rake (FOX)
Gang Related (FOX)
Mixology (ABC)