Friday, November 8, 2013

Fantasy Terrible Television Update September/October

After two months of disastrous premieres it is time for a recap of what we've seen so far. There were some odd full season renewals, a few early dismissals from prime-time and plenty of sub-par programming that is barely hanging on.

David: 73 Points
Scoring Changes - Lucky 7 (First Cancellation of the Season: 51 points), Ironside (Cancelled: 41 points), Mom (Full Order: -19 points)

Jumping out to a strong lead with two of the four cancellations so far this season, David made two strong selections and only missed on the full season order of Mom which has been speculated as a renewal candidate for next season. The Tomorrow People has trailed off since a strong debut and Dracula is up in the air since a premier in late October.

Yet to Air: Rake (FOX) - January 2014

Angela: 41 Points
Scoring Changes - Welcome to the Family (Cancelled: 41 points)

With a perfect batting average on her only network premiere, Angela has four more draft picks yet to air. With the unpredictable outcome so far this season there is plenty to be decided.

Yet to Air: Believe (NBC), About A Boy (NBC), Growing Up Fisher (NBC), Chicago PD (NBC) - January

Jeff: 33 Points
Scoring Changes - We Are Men (Cancelled: 41 points), Back In The Game (Not Renewed: 10 points), Dads (Full Order: -19 points)

An unfortunate turn of events for the wildly underwhelming sitcom Dads diminished a strong showing so far for Jeff. The Neighbors is hanging on for some unknown reason and shares a likely cancellation fate at the end of the season with Nashville.

Yet to Air: Nikita (CW) - November

Matt: -19 Points
Scoring Changes - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Full Order: -19 points)

Its unfortunate the timing of this update for Matt as he has the greatest potential for cancellations among active shows. Betrayal, The Carrie Diaries, The Mentalist, The Good Wife and Once Upon a Time In Wonderland are all near certainties for cancellation at least at the end of the season. If one or two of those continue tanking in the rankings this could be a quick turnaround.

Yet to Air: Crisis (NBC), Community (NBC), Enlisted (FOX)

Richard: -29 Points
Scoring Changes - Sleepy Hollow (Renewed -10 points), Trophy Wife (Full Order: -19 points)

Still plenty to be decided despite a quick renewal from Sleepy HollowSean Saves the World premiered extremely weak, Grimm is battling weak ratings and Revenge has not managed to retain its viewership as the season goes on.

Alex: -62 Points
Scoring Changes - Bob's Burgers (Renewal - 10 points), The Goldbergs (Full Order - 19 points), The Millers (Full Order - 19 points), Super Fun Night (Partial Order - 14 points)

An unfortunate start seeing as The Goldbergs and Super Fun Night likely probably won't exist next season but were extended to fill the schedule for ABC. I'll stop making excuses as I certainly missed on some others.

Yet to Air: Mind Games (ABC)